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Frequently asked questions

Frequently asked questions

Is MDB 5 stable and ready to use in production?

MDB 5 is still in alpha. It's not recommended to use it on production, because important changes still can occur. However, we the development is fast, so we expect to deliver a stable version pretty fast.

What can I use the current MDB 5 alpha version for?

We tested it enough to say the most of the bugs are fixed. We recommend using it for smaller, lighter projects where the acceptance for changes is greater.

What will happen with jQuery?

Bootstrap 5 drops jQuery, but information about jQuery's death is greatly exaggerated. It is still one of the most popular libraries in the world, used by millions of projects. Its popularity is not declining at all, although it may not be growing as fast as it used to be. MDB does not intend to abandon jQuery, and support for this library will continue in MDB4, which will be maintained and developed as a separate project, independent of MDB 5 and Bootstrap 5.

I can't see Bootstrap files in MDB 5. Should I add them myself?

In MDB 5, Bootstrap is already included in the mdb.css and mdb.js files. In MDB 4 we loaded these files separately, but for simplicity in MDB 5 we combine everything into one mdb.css and mdb.js. Therefore, you do not need to add any other files.

Where can I learn more about Bootstrap 5?

We have created a summary of the most important changes in Bootstrap 5 and a tutorial, thanks to which you can learn how to use the latest version.

Learn more about Bootstrap 5

Still have any questions? Use our support forum and our team will answer you.

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