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MDB 5 Changelog

MDB 5 Changelog

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Version v1.0.0 Alpha 4, released 20.07.2020

The fourth release of MDB 5. It is a minor release that fixes a few small bugs.

Fixed & improved:

  • Fixed issue with floating buttons
  • Fixed z-index conflicts
  • Fixed issue with input autofill
  • Fixed navbar-brand alignment
  • Fixed issue with card borders
  • Fixed issue with checkbox focus
  • Fixed issue with dropdown on mobile


Version v1.0.0 Alpha 3, released 13.07.2020

The third release of MDB 5. It is a minor release that fixes a few small bugs.

Fixed & improved:



  • Added utilities docs

Version v1.0.0 Alpha 2, released 06.07.2020

The second release of MDB 5, which fixes many bugs and introduces many improvements.

Fixed & improved:

  • Improved animations
  • Fixed breadcrumbs in the navbar
  • Fixed aligning buttons, icons, images in the navbar
  • Fixed aligning icons in floating buttons
  • Shadows
  • Fixed validation for forms check and input group
  • Improved color in the .bg-light class
  • Fixed bugs with displaying the wrong color border in outline input
  • Improved styles for input group
  • Fixed bug with the ripple display property


  • Masks
  • Hover effects
  • Positioning for modals
  • Footer
  • Covers
  • Floating buttons


  • Almost all docs updated and improved
  • Added API section to each docs

Version v1.0.0 Alpha 1, released 22.06.2020

The initial release of MDB 5 Alpha 1 integrated with Bootstrap 5 Alpha 1.