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MDB 5 Changelog

MDB 5 Changelog

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Version 3.2.0, released 25.01.2021

New Plugin:

  • Scroll status

New features:

  • Added helper text, counter and icons in Inputs
  • New dark skin


  • Popconfirm - Fixed issue with reopening popconfirm after closing with ok button
  • Search - Fixed styles
  • Fixes for dark theme

Version 3.1.0, released 11.01.2021

Fixed & improved:

  • Accordion - Fixed arrows direction
  • File input - Styles update to Material styles
  • Chips - Fixed padding & events & focus bug
  • Input - Fixed overlapping label when input get dynamic value

Version 3.0.0, released 16.12.2020

Home page

MDB5 Standard has become the default version of our site instead of MDB4 jQuery


  • Update Bootstrap 5 to Beta 1 version

Breaking changes:

Data attributes refactor:

All JavaScript components are now namespaced to help distinguish MDB functionality from third parties and your own code. For example, we use data-mdb-toggle instead of data-toggle.

RTL integration:

Part of our approach to adding RTL to MDB was to add it in a way that felt future-friendly to ourselves and the web at large. As such, we’ve embraced the spirit of CSS logical properties and have renamed several classes and variables. It’s a risky change because of the size and impact of the change, but we hope you’ll appreciate it overall!

RTL migration checklist:


  • Renamed .dropleft and .dropright to .dropstart and dropend.
  • Renamed .dropdown-menu-*-left and .dropdown-menu-*-right to .dropdown-menu-*-start and .dropdown-menu-*-end.
  • Renamed .bs-popover-left and .bs-popover-right to .bs-popover-start and .bs-popover-end.
  • Renamed .bs-tooltip-left and .bs-tooltip-right to .bs-tooltip-start and .bs-tooltip-end.
  • Renamed .carousel-item-left and .carousel-item-right to .carousel-item-start and .carousel-item-end.


  • Renamed .left-* and .right-* to .start-* and .end-*.
  • Renamed .float-left and .float-right to .float-start and .float-end.
  • Renamed .border-left and .border-right to .border-start and .border-end.
  • Renamed .rounded-left and .rounded-right to .rounded-start and .rounded-end.
  • Renamed .ml-* and .mr-* to .ms-* and .me-*.
  • Renamed .pl-* and .pr-* to .ps-* and .pe-*.
  • Renamed .text-left and .text-right to .text-start and .text-end.


  • Renamed border-left-radius() and border-right-radius() to border-start-radius() and border-end-radius() — as well as their corner relative variants (eg. .border-bottom-left-radius became .border-bottom-start-radius).
  • Renamed caret-left() and caret-right() to caret-start() and caret-end() — subsequently, the caret() mixin now takes start and end as arguments instead of left and right.


  • New $breadcrumb-divider-flipped if a different breadcrumb separator is needed in RTL.
  • Renamed $navbar-brand-margin-right to $navbar-brand-margin-end.
  • Renamed $pagination-margin-left to $pagination-margin-start.
  • Renamed $form-check-padding-left to $form-check-padding-start.
  • Renamed $form-switch-padding-left to $form-switch-padding-start.
  • Renamed $form-check-inline-margin-right to $form-check-inline-margin-end.
  • Renamed $form-select-feedback-icon-padding-right to $form-select-feedback-icon-padding-end.

Other changes:

  • Migrated from node-sass to dart-sass
  • Added new accordion component
  • Dropped custom file upload plugin
  • Added new border rounded sizes
  • Modal: removed show option
  • Breadcrumb: simplified appearance, improved extensibility
  • Updated interval new method in carousel
  • Added new overflow classes
  • Added ability to set custom classes in tooltip/popover
  • Dropped Edge Legacy support
  • Refeactored toast positioning
  • Added new .translate-middle-x & .translate-middle-y utilities to horizontally or vertically center absolute/fixed positioned elements
  • Renamed scale-color() function to shift-color() to avoid collision with Sass’s own color scaling function.
  • Added .fs-* utilities for font-size utilities (with RFS enabled). These use the same scale as HTML’s default headings (1-6, large to small), and can be modified via Sass map.
  • Renamed .font-weight-* utilities as .fw-* for brevity and consistency.
  • Renamed .font-style-* utilities as .fst-* for brevity and consistency.
  • Added .d-grid to display utilities
  • Added new gap utilities (.gap) for CSS Grid layouts

Version 2.2.1, released 23.11.2020


  • Restored color support for the note class.

Version 2.2.0, released 23.11.2020

New plugins:

New integrations:

Updated plugins:

New features:

Fixed & improved:

  • Theming - improved light theme design & added option to set theme on any element
  • Datatables - added row click events
  • Input - added form reset integration
  • Flags - class refactor & search fix
  • Ripple - change trigger event from click to mousedown

Version 2.1.0, released 09.11.2020

New backend integrations:

New plugins:

Updated plugins:

New features:

Fixed & improved:

  • Datatable - fixed header & columns bug
  • Sidenav - fixed collapse on render
  • Popconfirm - added animations for popover mode
  • Select - added new searchPlaceholder option that allow to change placeholder of the select search input
  • Datepicker - added new startDay option that allow to change first day of the week
  • Autocomplete - added new initSearch(value) public method that allow to programmatically initialize search results for specified value

Version 2.0.0, released 12.10.2020


New features:

New templates:

New plugins:

Updated plugins:

Fixed & improved:


  • Add closing animation
  • Arrow position update
  • AppendToBody option can be disabled
  • Hidden mode integration


  • Canvas integration

Design updates:

  • Improved animations and background setting for .table
  • Fixed .dropdown-menu padding size


  • .close. New: .btn-close, .btn-close-white
  • .embed. New: .ratio
  • .sr-only, .sr-only-focusable. New: .visually-hidden, .visually-hidden-focusable

Version 1.2.0, released 21.09.2020

Fixed & improved:


  • Toggler icon position fix
  • Z-index update


  • Options height change
  • Size and form-white new options
  • Clear button fix


  • Add option for choosing fontAwesome version (free/pro)


  • Placeholder is now visible if label is not set

250 new design blocks:

New docs:

New templates:

New plugins:

Version 1.1.0, released 07.09.2020

Fixed & improved:


  • Resolved problem with closing the dropdown on input click
  • Resolved problem with toggling the dropdown on the input
  • Native change event will be correctly emitted on the select element
  • Disabled state of the component will be now updated automatically after adding/removing the disabled attribute from the select element
  • Correctly hide native select when initializing component manually with the 'new' keyword


  • Resolved the problem with page reload on the toggle button click when the component is inside a form


  • Added chartjs-datalabels plugin directly to the Chart
  • Added default settings for all datasets


  • Added Material Select
  • Added clickable header


  • Resolved problem with label position after step change


Version 1.0.0 - stable release, released 24.08.2020

The seventh release of MDB 5 and the first stable release. In this version, we focused on testing and confirming stability.

MDB 5 is stable and ready to use in production.

Our approach:

In MDB 5, we mostly use our own solutions, taking from Bootstrap only what is stable and tested.

Our goal was to use all the most popular and stable features of Bootstrap, but at the same time not to rely entirely on Bootstrap itself and build as many of our own solutions as possible.

Together with dozens of our beta testers and the most trusted customers, we have been testing MDB 5 for many months. To be absolutely sure of the stability, we released 4 Alpha and 2 Beta versions before announcing the stable version.

Thanks to this approach, we have control over the source code and we can guarantee its stability.

MDB 5 Pro is also released as a stable version.

MDB 5 Pro

Version 1.0.0 Beta 2, released 17.08.2020

The sixth release of MDB 5 and the second Beta release. This is the last release before the stable release and it brings a ton of news and improvements

New components:

New design blocks:

Together with MDB 5 Beta 2 we are also publishing the first version of MDB 5 Pro.

MDB 5 Pro

Version 1.0.0 Beta 1, released 03.08.2020

The fifth release of MDB 5 and the first Beta release. After a few months of testing and 4 Alpha releases, the project gains enough stability to release the first Beta.

In this version, we focused entirely on scss and javascript optimization to provide the highest standards and quality of the source code.

Version v1.0.0 Alpha 4, released 20.07.2020

The fourth release of MDB 5. It is a minor release that fixes a few small bugs.

Fixed & improved:

  • Fixed issue with floating buttons
  • Fixed z-index conflicts
  • Fixed issue with input autofill
  • Fixed navbar-brand alignment
  • Fixed issue with card borders
  • Fixed issue with checkbox focus
  • Fixed issue with dropdown on mobile


Version v1.0.0 Alpha 3, released 13.07.2020

The third release of MDB 5. It is a minor release that fixes a few small bugs.

Fixed & improved:



  • Added utilities docs

Version v1.0.0 Alpha 2, released 06.07.2020

The second release of MDB 5, which fixes many bugs and introduces many improvements.

Fixed & improved:

  • Improved animations
  • Fixed breadcrumbs in the navbar
  • Fixed aligning buttons, icons, images in the navbar
  • Fixed aligning icons in floating buttons
  • Shadows
  • Fixed validation for forms check and input group
  • Improved color in the .bg-light class
  • Fixed bugs with displaying the wrong color border in outline input
  • Improved styles for input group
  • Fixed bug with the ripple display property


  • Masks
  • Hover effects
  • Positioning for modals
  • Footer
  • Covers
  • Floating buttons


  • Almost all docs updated and improved
  • Added API section to each docs

Version v1.0.0 Alpha 1, released 22.06.2020

The initial release of MDB 5 Alpha 1 integrated with Bootstrap 5 Alpha 1.