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Web Development Resources Programmer Might Miss

Web Development Resources Programmer Might Miss

Topic: Web Development Resources Programmer Might Miss
Published 07.11.2019 Updated 07.11.2019

Lana Miro posted 11 months ago

Similar to getting yourself best coding hardware, it’s important that you discover the best web development resources. You might be already familiar with some resources that help you with color choice, CSS3 generation, typographic diversity, website analysis, development, and optimization.

Perhaps, you’re already using some of these tools daily.

Good for you!

However, I bet you’re never tired of finding and trying out something new. Today, I present seven recent web development resources that you might miss on. Check them out to speed up your workflow and make it fun with handy tools.


MDB CLI is multi-functional tool that you might have missed. What is it about? It will take you only one command to install and host any MDB-project. If you are looking for something that allows managing your MDB-project, there is a way to save your time. How can you start using it? There are several steps you should go through.

  1. Start your next MDB-project in a few seconds. Just use mdb init command. There is a pre-set configuration you can work with.

  2. In order to make it visible, there is no need to save your code. Such a command as mdb publish will help you in this case. You will get the necessary link and be ready to share your MDB-project with the whole world.

  3. The next thing you need to do is to connect your domain. This feature will be implemented soon. It will allow you to save both your time and money. You can host it directly on MDB-services using your custom URL.

It is also crucial to focus your attention on its key characteristics. Let us look through the most important ones and explain how you can benefit from them.

  1. Are you interested in creating both commercial and private projects? In this case, you will be happy to find out that it will meet all your needs. You will get a user-friendly license.

  2. MDB CLI supports PowerShell, cmb.exe, Terminal.app, iTerm, and other essential options.

  3. You will also join an amazing MDB-community. If you have some issues, it will be possible to ask for a piece of advice.

  4. You will also get the opportunity to install it in a flash. In addition to this, you can publish your project with minimal effort.

Get familiar with one of the fastest ways to create and host your MDB-projects right now.

#2 MemberStack

Let’s get started with MemberStack, a developer-friendly membership platform with wide capabilities. A membership platform is an all-in-one tool used by businesses, associations, clubs, and nonprofits to offer unique memberships to their clients.

What makes MemberStack better than the crowd of similar platforms? MemberStack is a universal go-to solution when it comes to building members-only websites, dashboards, web applications, intranets and more. MemberStack has awesome tools to create gated content that increases the number of registered users on your website. Moreover, this platform is all-in-one, eliminating the need for multiple software, such as Excel, MailChimp, and Eventbrite.

Another draw of MemberStack is the fact that it’s easy to integrate with popular web design tools. Mamberstack works with Webflow, PageCloud, Carrd, Hubspot CMS, and static HTML.

Of course, MemberStack has e-commerce functionality to it. It lets you accept payments and set up regular membership fees. With this platform, you’ll save yourself lots of time if you need to create:

  • Free Subscriptions - Design awesome forms that let users sign up for a free membership.

  • Web Applications - Use easy-to-grasp tools to build and validate your web apps quicker.

  • Freemium Websites - Give your prospects a chance to try your product for free before buying it.

  • Company Intranet - Add a fully-functional employee-only area to your website.

  • Recurring Membership - Use MemberStack to charge your members on a monthly or yearly basis.

  • Customer Dashboards - Create unique, loaded with data interfaces for your high-profile clients.

On top of this, MemberStack lets you take full control over designing forms, pricing pages, and membership areas. It also supports multiple currencies, coupons, payment and billing options.

With MemberStack, you’re the one who decides how to work with the platform. You can work with/without coding. MemberStack both features comprehensive visual editing and working with HTML, CSS, and JavaScript. Moreover, MemberStack features a Developer API (application programming interface), which lets you extend MemberStack’s functionality with your coding.

Pricing: Using MemberStack is worth $25, $49 or $199+ per month, depending on how many members you plan to have and what extra features you want. At the same time, you can pay even less if you choose to pay on a yearly basis.

Moreover, you’re eligible for an Unlimited Free Trial. You can test any MemberStack features free without limits. You pay only when you’re ready to go live.

#3 ONE Web Development Kit

Subscriptions are all the rage this year. They target those web developers who earn their bread-and-butter creating websites. Instead of purchasing single-product hundreds or even thousands of dollars with a subscription.

Pretty obviously, with ONE subscription, you can save your money on purchasing themes and plugins separately. Subscribing to ONE, you get access to more than 8500 web design products and web delicenses, you can save hundrevelopment tools in total. You get a chance to quickly create websites on a wide range of Content Management Systems (CMS) and e-commerce engines (including WordPress, Magento, Shopify, Joomla, etc.). Moreover, a rich collection of graphics, extensions, and other assets will also be at your disposal

ONE subscription gives you unlimited access to:

  • WordPress themes (1,050 items);

  • 41 Plugins;

  • E-commerce themes and extensions (2,158 items);

  • Landing page themes (190 items);

  • Graphics (3,198 items);

  • HTML templates (1,065 items);

  • CMS themes (1,468 items);

  • 14 PowerPoint templates.

Moreover, ONE offers you flexible licensing. With this membership, you can use any theme for an unlimited number of times. And this is exactly why web and software developers love ONE and similar subscriptions. They tend to pick their fav multipurpose themes and enjoy re-using them for many projects.

Now, let’s review the biggest draws of ONE subscription:

  • WordPress Themes - Find 1,000+ WordPress and WooCommerce themes for every niche and purpose in your ONE membership area.

  • Limitless Downloads - Download and use the themes with no limitations. Get as many themes as you wish and use them as many times as you feel like.

  • All You Need for Website Creation - Pictures, fonts, icons, and plugins won’t require any investment as they are already packed within this subscription.

  • Handy Services - ONE offers you a handful of great services, including template installation, SEO optimization, advanced customization, and security monitoring.

  • Get Award-winning Support - All ONE members are eligible to 24/7 support by an award-winning TemplateMonster support team.

  • Constant updates - New items are added to ONE product collection daily. ONE membership guarantees that you always have access to the freshest web design and development tools.

Pricing: Being the ONE subscriber is worth $19/month. The subscription is billed annually and costs $229/year. Once you get this subscription, you can take advantage of the themes, plugins, and assets offered for the year to come. And you get 14-days money-back guarantee in case you want to unsubscribe for a certain reason.

#4 Novi Builder

Are you still looking for a convenient tool that you can use to build HTML websites? It can be Novi, the popular and modern HTML website editor. Created by professional software developers, this builder is an all-in-one tool that combines visual editing and code customization capabilities.

Novi Builder has the reputation of being a go-to editor to jumpstart the developing process. It has a highly adjustable drag-n-drop system and themes to help you finalize your projects quicker. At the same time, Novi includes a convenient code editor, which allows you to work with HTML, CSS, and JavaScript.

You’ll get a clearer picture of what Novi Builder is by learning about its main features below:

  • Drag-n-drop Editing - Build websites quicker, using visual editing instead of code. Enjoy faster content management with intuitive visual tools.

  • Convenient Text Editor - Enjoy an intuitive text editor with all the text formatting and styling options you most frequently need.

  • Modern Code Editor With Highlighting - With Novi, you can write code the way you’re used to. You can employ the standard HTML, CSS, and JavaScript code. The code editing interface is available in the eye-friendly dark mode.

  • Code Validation - Novi Builder promptly highlights your coding mistakes, ensuring that your site’s code remains 100% valid.

  • Built-in Context Menu - Novi includes a context menu that displays a set of frequent operations. This menu assists you in copying, cutting, removing, pasting, or duplicating elements in WYSIWYG mode.

  • Media Library - You can reach all of your imagery in one place using the pre-built Media Library. Within the library, you can control different aspects of imagery display.

  • Icons and Fonts Manager - Novi lets you work with icons and fonts within a custom tool designed for this purpose.

  • Comprehensive Page Management - Novi also includes a custom tool that helps you quickly create the page hierarchy of your website.

  • Multiple Preview Resolution - You can check each project in 7 different popular screen resolutions to ensure that your website or theme looks and functions well on any device.

Pricing: To start creating HTML websites with Novi builder, you’ve got to choose your plan. To use the builder only, you pay $29/year. To get access to extra features and 20 HTML themes on top of this, you pay $49/year. And if you’re a full stack web developer, you pay $149 once.

#5 ManyPixels

As a programmer, you might feel like outsourcing the design part of your projects is a good idea. If this is the case, you’ll be glad to discover Manypixels.

Manypixels is a unique on-demand design outsourcing service that works based on a subscription model. If you subscribe to Manypixels, you can order modern web page designs, landing pages, email graphics, and social media banners, etc. Most excitingly, you’ll get them created for you from scratch within days!

Manypixels have a large in-house team of graphic designers, illustrators, digital artists, and UI designers. That’s why, their team is happy to provide you with a wide array of services, including:

  • Designs for Web and Mobile - Manypixels can design next to any web page for you, making it 100% responsive on smaller screens.

  • Social Media, Ads, and Emails - You can ask Manypixels team to create social media and email graphics. Moreover, you can order any display/banner ad.

  • Branding Materials and Logo Creation - If corporate identity is not your cup of tea, delegate its creation to Manypixels visual artists. You can order designs for logos, brand guides, business cards, and stationery sets.

  • Illustrations and Icon Sets - Get a custom set of unique vector icons or a set of unique illustrations, carefully hand-picked for your project by Manypixels expert team.

  • Printing materials - In case you need printing materials, outsource the creation of flyers, postcards, banners, invitations, and billboards.

If you subscribe to Manypixels, expect to get custom-made and high-quality designs by a world-class team. Their team will kindly ask you to provide your recommendations, content drafts and/or examples of what you want them to create. By this, they’ll ensure that they get as close to your expectations as possible.

Manypixels also value your time and always deliver the first draft of the project within 1 - 2 days. Then, you have unlimited revisions to get it look the way you want.

Pricing: Manypixels will become your on-demand custom web design agency for $399/month. This is the price of the Basic Plan, which limits you to one custom design order at a time. For more simultaneous orders, go for the Pro Plan for $699/month.

#6 Envato Elements

If web design and development are what you do, you can enrich your collection of design tools with 1,500,000+ assets provided by Evanto marketplace. All these assets are offered to you with the Evanto Elements subscription, the price for which is pretty reasonable.

Evanto Elements collection includes best imagery and graphics, video templates, background audios, WordPress plugins, templates and more. All the products within this subscription are available under the future-proof commercial license. This license lets you download the needed assets as many times as you wish and use them for your commercial projects.

Similarly to the ONE subscription that I covered above, Evanto Elements subscription includes both website templates and web design assets. Evanto Elements delivers you tons of stock photos, illustrations, fonts, and other design assets. At the same time, they offer you more than a thousands of WordPress themes and plugins. Do you need something else? Enjoy loads of other templates for Drupal, Joomla, Magento, Shopify, etc.

Evanto Elements subscription includes the following assets:

  • WordPress Templates & Plugins - Access more than 1,000 modern themes and plugins from the top collections of ThemeForest market.

  • Graphic Assets - Get access to logos, product mockups, print templates, 3D objects and vector illustrations (75,000+ items in total).

  • Stock Photos - Enjoy the vast Evanto’s collection of premium stock imagery (690,000+). The convenient system of filters will help you find the needed image.

  • Videos and Audio Tracks - Uncover the library of 250,000+ video mockups and sound effects.

  • Presentation Templates - With over 10,000 presentation designs (infographics included), you can create any PowerPoint presentation within a couple of hours.

  • Fonts - Get 5,600 unique fonts and use them for any of your projects.

Pricing: Evanto Elements subscription will cost you $16.50 per month. To put it in perspective, you’ll have to spend just $198 to have year-long access to all the items under this subscription.

#7 Draftium

If your job requires creating website prototypes, you can streamline this process with Draftium. Draftium offers you an advanced package of website prototyping tools, which you can use for free with certain limitations.

Draftium is a powerful toolkit which makes website prototyping simple. With it, you first choose one of the pre-built templates to start working on your prototype. Then, you can rearrange blocks, modify the prototype structure and add your content. Finally, you can publish your created prototype and collaborate on discussing and further improving it together with your team.

Below, you can see the main features of Draftium prototyping toolkit:

  • Prototype Templates - Use more than 300 pre-built prototype templates to quickly jump-start your project.

  • Ready-to-use Blocks - With over 200 blocks at your disposal, you can easily create sliders, galleries, timelines, tabs or other elements that you need.

  • Comprehensive Customization - Draftium has an intuitive interface, which allows you to work with blocks and change content appearance in a couple of clicks.

  • Naturally Responsive - You don’t have to additionally optimize your Draftium prototypes for mobile screens. They will be responsive automatically.

  • Collaboration Tools - Like Google Docs, Draftium lets others view, discuss and edit you prototypes if you invite them to do so.

  • Free Imagery and Icons - Help your prototype come to live with tons of free images and vector icons.

Pricing: The basic version of Draftium is free. With it, you can create your first three prototypes. After this, go for the Pro Plan and enjoy unlimited prototyping, 300 custom templates, and priority 24/7 support.

#8 Draftss

Draftss is another smart way to outsource your web design and development chores. With Draftss, you can hire a full stack designer or developer team to complete a wide number of tasks. You can have one or two ongoing projects at a time, paying for it based on a weekly subscription. You also get unlimited revisions and improvements for the tasks that you outsource.

Draftss can help you with the following:

  • Graphic Designs - Order logo and branding materials, ad banners and promotional graphics, e-books, infographics, flyers and more.

  • Custom Illustrations - Get custom human-made illustrations for your websites, landing pages, and apps. This also includes mascots and isometric illustrations.

  • Website & App UI/UX - Get high-performing and usable custom-made design interfaces for landing pages, websites, dashboards, mobile app screens, and onboarding screens.

  • Custom Code - Get developers writing clean and valid HTML, CSS, and JavaScript coding for your projects. They can also work with WordPress websites and Page Builders for you.

Pricing: It will cost you $89/week to hire out the Draftss Designer Team. To hire both Design and Code Teams, you’ll have to pay $189 per week. You can also choose to pay on a monthly/quarterly basis and save some money by doing so.

Sum Up

I hope you enjoyed this collection of some not-that-obvious resources for designers, developers & programmers. These resources can help you greatly speed up your workflow and become a better professional.

What are your favorite resources that you can recommend to other programmers?

Share your advice and any of your questions in the comments section below.

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